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Community Advertising

150x220 Banner Advertising

Our 150x200 banners the most popular sellers. They are located to the left, right, and footer of the site (this placement does not include our top 125x125 banners).

1 Month: $100.00
12 Months: $1200.00
6 Months: $600.00



125x125 Top Banner Advertising

The 125x125 banners are one of the first rows of our site that are seen when our pages are loaded. The ultimate in prime exposure and because this space is in high demand and limited, the prices for this location are different.

There are only 8 spots available. Please verify that there is an opening in this section displaying a placeholder "Advertise Here" banner prior to purchasing.

1 Month: $80.00
12 Months: $960.00
6 Months: $480.00



468x60 or 720x90 Rotating Banner Advertising

Our 468x60 or 720x90  banner is located at the very top of the site next to our Community Advertising logo. This banner changes each time a visitor navigates to a new page or a page is refreshed. Because is constantly changing, we have scaled our prices for this advertising accordingly.

1 Month: $120.00
12 Months: $140.00
6 Months: $720.00


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